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Venue Map
Ducks to tumble in a truck
1 $5,000.00 Cash Kelso Rotary Club Diane Manasco
2 $900.00 2000W Inverter Generator Renaud Electric Ashley Geist
3 $425.00 30 Minute Photo Session Lemondrops Photography John Jabusch
4 $320.00 Apple iPad Mini Jessica Mickens State Farm Insurance Trenton Skogland
5 $150.00 RAB Outdoor Flood Light Renaud Electric Trena Tomlinson
6 $125.00 Pandora Bracelet Diamond Showcase Dan Evans
7 $100.00 Credit to PUD Bill Don McMaster Jim Clary
8 $50.00 Gift Certificate Teri's Restaurant Pat Rauth
9 $30.00 Gift Certificate Macy's Dan Evans
10 $30.00 Gift Certificate The Masthead Janet Freece
11 $26.00 Two Movie Tickets + Concession Regal Cinema John Berwind
12 $26.00 Two Movie Tickets + Concession Regal Cinema Lisa Stevenson
13 $26.00 Two Movie Tickets + Concession Regal Cinema Natasha Goinger
14 $25.00 Gift Certificate Applebee's Kevin McCloud
15 $25.00 Gift Certificate A-1 Sewing and Vacuum Tom Rice
16 $25.00 Gift Certificate Red Leaf Organic Coffee Reed Hadley
17 $25.00 Gift Certificate Red Lobster Nancy Enriquez
18 $25.00 Gift Certificate Pie @ Trios Pizzeria Karsten Rentner
19 $25.00 Gift Certificate Olde Creekside Café Mark McMaster
20 $25.00 Gift Certificate Olde Creekside Café Gina Rubert
21 $25.00 Gift Certificate Izzy's Aaron Dawson
22 $25.00 Gift Certificate Kelso Theater Pub & Backstage Café Bob Gregory
23 $25.00 Gift Certificate Wilco Eric Pucci
24 $25.00 Gift Certificate Wilco Randy Hahn
25 $25.00 Gift Certificate Wilco Lisa Hollinger
26 $25.00 Gift Certificate Country Folks Deli Cal Miller
27 $25.00 Gift Certificate Country Folks Deli Robin Johnson
28 $25.00 Gift Certificate Hop & Grape Cascade Networks
29 $25.00 Gift Certificate ZoJo Coffee Abbot Amos
30 $25.00 Gift Certificate Country Village Betty Houten
31 $25.00 Gift Certificate Jimmy John's Bobby Fike
32 $25.00 Gift Certificate Lighthouse Gifts Al Hamer
33 $25.00 Gift Certificate Cool Scoops - Three Rivers Mall Abbot Amos
34 $25.00 Gift Certificate Sportsman's Warehouse & Three Rivers Mall Margaret Hickey
35 $20.00 Gift Certificate Macy's Eric Pucci
36 $20.00 Gift Certificate Grounds for Opportunity Café Gary Schimmel
37 $19.00 Two Car Wash Certificate Wash Me Custom Handwash Scott Davis
38 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Dan Evans
39 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Jan Ferguson
40 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Gary Huhta
41 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Dan Evans
42 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Dan Evans
43 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Moira Thomson
44 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Annie Harrison
45 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Anna Lunday
46 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Rick Herriges
47 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Nancy Enriquez
48 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Melissa Hixson
49 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Jamie Boaglio
50 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Wheeler's
51 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Gary Bashor
52 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Bob Crisman
53 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Jamie Boaglio
54 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Tim Salberg
55 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Willard Walker
56 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Entek  
57 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Kim Timmons
58 $18.00 Gift Certificate Domino's Pizza Dave Nelson
59 $15.00 One Man's Haircut Gustoff's Wheeler's
60 $15.00 One Man's Haircut Gustoff's Dan Evans
Priceless Coveted Rotary Duck Race T-Shirt Kelso Rotary Club Kirk Raboin

Because of Cowlitz muck, ducks to tumble in a truck
Read the article at The Daily News website:
Cowlitz County Rotary Clubs donate supplies to earthquake victims
Courtesy of Kelso Rotary Club/ShelterBox
ShelterBox says that it has provided tents to four hospitals in Kathmandu that were devastated by the earthquake. Tents will be used for carrying out minor operations, changing dressings and as mobile health clinics.
Matching Donations
Donations made to ShelterBox after 12 p.m. on May 1 will be matched by Latika & Rajiv Jain Charitable Foundation, up to $100,000. Visit to donate.
As thousands of Nepali people struggle to find shelter and food, Cowlitz County’s four Rotary clubs are combining efforts to offer relief to the region ravaged by Saturday’s 7.8-magnitude earthquake.
Both Rotary clubs in Longview, as well as clubs in Kelso and Woodland, have teamed up to donate $8,000 to purchase eight boxes filled with survival supplies bound for Nepal.
“It’s pretty impressive that we can, as a group, come together and figure out how to donate … because we’re all really pretty small clubs,” said Bill Marcum, of the Longview Early Edition Rotary Club and president of the Kelso-Longview Chamber of Commerce.
Each 120 pound box contains disaster relief gear that could last up to six months, including: a large tent, solar lamps, water storage and purification equipment, a thermal blanket, cooking utensils, a wood-burning stove, a basic toolkit and children’s activity kits.

“They are designed to have the essential survival items that a family needs, and a family can be as many as 10 people,” said Marilyn Young Skogland, Silver Lake resident and member of the Kelso Rotary Club. 
Young Skogland is the regional ambassador for the international nonprofit, ShelterBox. The U.K.based organization was able to quickly mobilize boxes that were already stored in the country before the earthquake hit, she said. It also sent 500 smaller kits to region and it is aiming to send more boxes.

The compact nature of the boxes makes it easier for ShelterBox’s response teams to distribute supplies to remote areas, Young Skogland said. 

“(Red Cross) is going to go into where the large populations are first, because they come in with big responses … Our unique solution is going out to those remote areas where it’s difficult to get equipment out,” she said. 
Planes carrying food and other supplies have been steadily streaming into Kathmandu’s small airport, The Associated Press reported. But Nepali officials are having difficulty directing the flow of emergency supplies, and the distribution process is somewhat chaotic.
The U.N. estimates that the disaster has affected 8.1 million — just shy of a third of Nepal’s population of 27.8 million. Thousands of people are homeless and 1.4 million are in need of food assistance. The death toll rose to more than 5,500 Thursday and more than 11,000 people are injured, according to the U.N.
Rotary Club International is coordinating with all of its 34,000 clubs to donate to ShelterBox to Nepal.
Here, local clubs are encouraging individuals to contribute even if they cannot afford to purchase a $1,000 box. “Even a $20 donation to a ShelterBox would help purchase one,” Marcum said. Visit for more information.
Marissa Luck covers business, economy, ports and minorities for The Daily News. Contact her at 360-577-2539

Kelso Rotarians at District Leadership Training


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